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My Life Feels Like a Test I Didn't Study For
My List of Things I was Right About
Things I Can Put Off Until Tomorrow
My Hopeless Attempts at Adulting
I Believe in Annoyed at First Sight
I Wish More People Were Fluent In Sarcasm
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Cancel My Subscription, I'm Done With Your Issues
My Neck, My Back, My Anxiety Attack
Professional Procrastinator
Professional Procrastinator
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Procrastinating is my Jam
Procrastinating is my Jam
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Adulting is Just Googling How to do Things
Murder Shows and Comfy Clothes
A Meal Without Wine is Called Breakfast
There's No I in Team but There is in Wine
Like A Good Neighbor Stay Over There
Bad Decisions Are My Specialty
The Dust Bunny Killed My Cleaning Fairy
Alone Is My Favorite Place To Be
Zero Days Without Sarcasm Vinyl Weather Proof Sticker
I Love You Friday but Saturday Morning You My Boo

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